Friday, 10 July 2009

DOK, propellers, and white noise (re-post)

(This post has appeared on my, now defunct, blog Images, Sounds, Memories. I thought it worthy of re-publication here.)

Image: Propeller in wonderland.

Sound: ZX Spectrum tapes on FM radio.

Memory: Ventilator 202 and Zoran Modli.

Elsewhere, I lamented the fact I can never remember the name of the club with all those fine concerts in the 80s. And then I stumbled upon the short history of Ventilator 202, the radio show at least as famous as its author Zoran Modli. If you find another radio voice of such colour and character, you've hit gold!

So, the name is DOK, and the street is of course Skender-Begova. I couldn't find any current information about the club, though. It must have ceased to exist a long time ago, at least as something that might matter.

I'd now very much love to talk about Ventilator, a lot, but trust me you could do much worse than its father, Zoran Modli already did.

Go there, then, and enjoy!