Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Blogging For The Guy Next Door

Here's your litmus test to see if you're cut out for blogging under your real name:

How would you feel knowing that the guy next door (or the one sitting next to you at work) was reading your musings last night. What would he think of them? Will he let you know he did? If yes, will he confront you if he disagrees? Will he give you a pat on the back if he does agree? Or will he just keep quiet and snigger?

How do you feel now, having imagined answers to these questions?

If you still feel comfortable about yourself and what you're doing, great! You have what it takes. Go and write that blog you always wanted.

Otherwise, just make up a pen name, create a fake profile, and write that blog anyway! It's easy, and free to boot. Nobody will know.

Lastly, a message to the guy next door:

If you have read this, please at least don't snigger quietly to yourself. One day it may be you (un)wittingly embarrassing yourself in public!