Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Grey Noughts

What are they, you may have wondered (or not, more likely).

No, these have nothing to do with "noughts," "noughts," or even "naughties", as some like to call the latter. They certainly have nothing to do with "crosses" either (or these "crosses," for that matter)! Now, I am probably being too clever for my own good, but my "Grey Noughts" derive their name from "grey noise" and "thoughts."

Why? Let me try to explain...

What I want to publish here are some of my thoughts on anything and everything, but I have no intention whatsoever of telling you which ones may be more important than the others. And that's where the reference to "grey noise" is very handy. If you bothered to follow the link (I know you didn't) then you may have already guessed. Either way, I'll tell you: grey noise is the noise in which every frequency (tone) has the same subjective loudness (here, importance). And, being noise, it covers literally all frequencies (here, subject matter), from zero (nought) to infinity. Hence: Grey No[ise Tho]ughts.

Catch my drift? No?

Whatever. Don't really care. Just though I should prepare you...